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This Wednesday May 23rd 
Let`s Celebrate Together Our Spring Concert! 

Choir practice today Monday 21th at 3:00 p.m. 


  • The students will listen to the second part of the story
  • The students will learn the lyrics of the song (Second part) keep the beat and the rhythm of the song by playing minor percussion instruments. 


  • The students will complete short rhythmic patterns in 4/4 time signature meter and quarter notes and rests
  • The students will listen to the story (Second part)  


  • The students will play the beat and rhythm of the song with minor percussion.
  • The studenst will practice their song for the "Spring Concert" 

First Grade Class

  • The students will create a song using the Pentatonic Scale with Xilophones
  • The students will pratice  the song "What a Wonderful World" (Full song)
  • The class will read and sing 4/4 time signature meter melodic patterns using half notes and eight notes.

Second Grade Classic

  • The students will practice individually of C scale notes with the Xylophones and will read simple melodic patterns at first sight.
  • The class will pratice the song Tomorrow ( Solo Parts) 

Third Grade Class

  • The class will practice the G scale fingering on their flute
  • The class practice the Drill 28 for Recorder Flute
  • The students will perform their song for the spring concert (Full Song)

Fourth Grade Class 

  • The students will practice the song "Ode to Joy Medley" (Full accompaniment part)
  • The students will practice indivdually the accompaniment part.

Fifth Grade Class

  • The class will continue practicing fingering position drills on E,A,D and G string
  • The class will play  the song Ode to Joy/ Pachelbel medley

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